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Saturday, October 20

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DRAWDOWN MARIN: Local Solutions to the Global Climate Challenge Tiburon RoomDavid Kunhardt • Alex Porteshawver Making Media with Impact: Telling True Stories to Change the World Manzanita RoomJeremy Kagan • Amy Korngiebel • Andrew Revkin • Ellen Schneider Radical Environmental Activism: Finding Beauty in the Broken Places/World Café World CaféKevin Bayuk • Polly Howells • Trebbe Johnson • Amy Lenzo How to Build an Alternative to Our Current System Showcase TheaterGar Alperovitz • Kali Akuno • Ellen Brown • Niki Okuk • Aaron Tanaka Lessons from the Oil Fields, Wisdom from the Forest Veterans Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Nemonte Nenquimo • Hernan Payaguaje • Justin Winters • Mitch Anderson • Brian Parker • Luke Weiss Beats, Rhymes, and Life Workshop | Youth Leadership Youth Unity CenterRob Jackson Building Community: An Interactive Biomimicry Workshop Larkspur RoomPeggy Chu • Rachel M.W. Hahs • Diana Hammer Somatics, Trauma Healing and Social Change Sausalito RoomStaci K. Haines • Prentis Hemphill • Raquel Lavina All About Chocolate Hands-On Workshop SpaceJonas Ketterle Evolutionary Plant Breeding: Breeding Crops for Climate Change Santa Rosa RoomLeonard Diggs • Cooper Freeman • Arty Mangan • Mark Schapiro Native People’s “Just Transition” to Clean Energy | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumEriel Tchekwie Deranger • Melina Laboucan-Massimo • AlexAnna Salmon Joven Noble con Palabra: A Healing Cultural Rites of Passage Model for Adolescent Males of Color Interactive & Experiential TentAriel Jimenez • Ysenia Sepulveda Walking Transformation: How to Radiate Peace with Every Step Meet at Bioneers Info Booth near the Central LawnRussell Munsell • Suki Munsell Community of Mentors Community of MentorsDave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage • Kyle Lemle

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