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Friday, October 19

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Intergenerational Activism: Working Together for Social Change/World Café World CaféAshton Applewhite • Kristy Drutman • Amy Lenzo • David Shaw Using Your Investments to Hold Corporations Accountable and Change the World Sausalito RoomThomas Van Dyck • Danielle Fugere • Nick Guroff Advancing the Legal Rights of Nature in a Time of Environmental Crisis Santa Rosa RoomMari Margil • Bill Twist Engaging our Differences: Practice and Presence Interactive & Experiential TentMohamad Chakaki • Samara Gaev • Ginny McGinn Revisioning Healing and Public Health in the 21st Century Showcase TheaterRupa Marya • Sonali Sangeeta Balajee • Victoria Sweet Tell Your Story | Youth Leadership Youth Unity CenterJodie Geddes Women at the Frontlines of Climate Justice: Integrated Global Strategies Larkspur RoomTere Almaguer • Anneke Campbell • Eriel Tchekwie Deranger • Osprey Orielle Lake Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Community Resilience Manzanita RoomTrathen Heckman • Estrella Santiago Perez • Sigrid Wright Earth Connection Herb Walk Meet at Bioneers Info Booth near the Central LawnKami McBride Abalone Wars: Indigenous Voices from the Coastal Frontlines | Indigenous Forum Indigenous ForumJacob White Horse • Leah Mata • Ilarion Merculieff • Hillary Renick • A-dae Romero-Briones Growing Our Evolved Self: Dissolving Like a Caterpillar, Evolving Like a Butterfly Hands-On Workshop SpacePolly Howells • Trebbe Johnson Plant Intelligence and Human Consciousness: Into the Mystery Veterans Memorial Auditorium (VMA)Monica Gagliano • Michael Pollan • JP Harpignies Community of Mentors Community of MentorsLyla June • Dave Hage • Lauren Dalberth Hage

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